We Are An Award Winning Company

Visinema is built around a great vision from young individuals, with progressive ideas to encourage the most relevant changes for today and the future. We built the company with a business strategy that is not only carry idealism, but also flexibility to step up to challenges and to make independent creations while nurturing dreams.

Our body of work reflects Indonesian values that are also universally relevant, presented through ways of storytelling that resonate in the market. The potential for growth is still wide open as the ecosystem of Indonesian filmmakers continue to flourish. For 10 years, we have proven that a story can come to life and be told in many different media / platforms, and that it can contribute in forming our collective memory as a civilization.

Notable IP

With our proven track record of strong IP evolutions, we have many more under our belt

Filosofi Kopi
Mencuri Raden Saleh

Strategic partners

Together we envision a future where the power of storytelling knows no bounds

Brand Partners

Our Purpose extends beyond our own endeavours to help Our Partners craft their Love Story to their audiences