• (PT. Visinema Konten Indonesia) is a subsidiary of Visinema focusing on creating non-theatrical content for digital, television and new media distribution. Visinema Content is Indonesia’s front-runner in producing serial content for brands and OTT/SVOD platform, with the target of income of 52 billion in 2019.

  • Visinema Music is established to complete the line-up of our content monetization. Music is an important part of each of our audio visual work, and Visinema Music is here to utilize those contents as well as to search and to develop new talents in the Indonesia music industry. In 2019-2020, Visinema Music will develop, release and manage 5 musicians from various genres.

  • Together with Visinema, Skriptura is the only writers room in Indonesia that is the most complete one in the ecosystem of filmmaking as well as the most advance one in operation and service. With consultants and creative system that meet the industry standards of Hollywood, Skriptura is experienced in creative development and IP for a number of brands, box office films and OTT/SVOD platforms.

  • Visinema Campus is a talent development institution made to accelerate the capacity for creativity, production and business development of the talents in Visinema, to be a bridge for Visinema to interact directly with public, to develop the brand of Visinema as well as talent scouting through general and open lecture program.